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Faculty Remote Work Policy and Procedures

The following policy and procedures apply to full-time teaching and research faculty only.

  1. Policy

               The university may grant the privilege for a faculty member to work remotely for a semester or academic year providing the appropriate conditions and approvals are met.

  2. Eligibility

               All full-time teaching and research faculty employed by the university.

  3. Exceptions
    1. Faculty with approved accommodations on file with the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

    2. When there is a disaster or emergency that causes significant disruption to the continuity of university operations, such as a pandemic, that affects faculty

    3. Adjunct faculty

    4. Faculty on leave of absence without compensation, research leave, development leave, Fulbright or other Fellowship funded leave, or study abroad

  4. Procedures
    1. The faculty member must make a formal written request to work remotely to the department chair by the mid-term of the semester prior to start of remote work. The time frame is waived if there is a documented emergency for the faculty member.
      1. The request must designate the time frame for the remote work either a semester or an academic year.

      2. A rationale for the request must be provided.

      3. A list of the faculty's current professional activities at the department, college and university levels and the chairs' names.

      4. Need for any ODU equipment. Approval of this need is dependent on the funds available by the department. Faculty who have research funds for equipment should consult the Office of Research about funding their equipment needs.

      5. A brief description of how the faculty member can meet the professional academic needs for students and for the department.

    2. The department chair reviews and approves or disapproves the request and sends their recommendation to the dean with a copy to the faculty member.
      1. The chair considers the needs of the department in determining their recommendation.

      2. The chair can arrange for remote attendance for service activities (see below).

      3. Other possible disruptions for students and the department are considered.

  5. Faculty Responsibilities
    1. Faculty are expected to continue meeting their teaching expectations that include advising and/or supervision, dissertation or thesis participation and so on.

    2. Faculty are expected to continue meeting their scholarship/research expectations.

    3. Faculty are expected to continue to meet their department, college, university and/or national/international professional service activities as specified in the approval for remote work MOU (see the following section on Department Chair Responsibilities).

  6. Department Chair Responsibilities
    1. The department chair in consultation with the faculty member can make arrangements to set up hybrid meetings for department professional activities such as committee, department, and/or program meetings.

    2. Request chairs of the faculty member's college and university committees to provide hybrid meetings for remote attendance.

    3. Determine if department funds are available for providing technology and other supports for the remote work. The department is not obligated to provide devices such as computers, cell phones or other devices for remote work.

    4. Review the faculty member's current use of office and other university space with the faculty member to determine if these spaces are needed for other faculty while this faculty member is working remotely and make a recommendation.

    5. Develop a written MOU detailing the expectations and responsibilities for the faculty while working remotely including the professional service activities. A copy will be given to the faculty member and sent to the dean with the other documents for approval/disapproval for the request to work remotely.

  7. Dean Responsibilities
    1. A. The dean reviews the request, the department chair's recommendation, and the MOU and makes a decision to approve or disapprove the request. If the request is disapproved a rationale must be provided in writing to the department chair and faculty member.

    2. B. If the dean disapproves the request, the faculty member may appeal to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs whose decision is final.

- Approved by the President
May 15, 2023


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