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Joint Appointments

Joint appointments are used for individuals whose expertise cuts across existing departments and programs. Such appointments must assist Old Dominion University in providing strong interdisciplinary offerings and in building emerging fields that cross the borders of the traditional disciplines. A joint appointment must reflect the teaching and research expertise of the faculty member.

           A joint position is shared by two academic units, but the position must be based in a home department. The "primary appointment" is in the home department and the "secondary appointment" is where the joint appointment is extended to this position. The department of primary appointment is responsible for all promotion and tenure actions with appropriate input from the department of the secondary appointment. The Dean(s) determine(s) where the joint appointment will be primarily based. Appropriate parties must create a written document confirming the terms and conditions of the joint appointment.

           Joint faculty appointments are initiated by a head of the involved unit (department chair or program director) or a Dean in agreement with the faculty member being given the joint appointment, and in consultation with the faculty of the departments involved in the joint appointment.

           Deans must secure the Provost's endorsement before making any commitments regarding a joint appointment. The chair of the primary department is responsible for documenting the terms and conditions of the joint appointment in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by the faculty member, the involved department chairs (or the director of a program that is not administered by a department) and their Dean(s).

           Current members of the faculty can receive joint appointments subject to the approval process stated above. However, only in exceptional cases will such a change be approved for an individual who does not already have tenure.

           This policy does not preclude the establishment of joint appointments with institutions outside the University.

- Approved by the Board of Visitors
December 9, 2010
Transitioned to University-Level Policy
December 10, 2021


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