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Resolution Supporting Intellectual Diversity

Whereas higher education should challenge students to think critically, debate and explore ideas they are not familiar with;

           Whereas a free exchange of ideas between students and faculty is the key to learning on a college campus;

           Whereas freedom and open debate are the core of what makes learning at a college campus possible, and whereas it is this freedom that sponsors new ideas, fosters debate, exposes students to frames and theories they have never encountered and challenges core beliefs;

           Whereas restrictions on what content is taught in the classroom, what subjects are open to debate and what ideas students can be exposed to would hamper education at Old Dominion University;

           Whereas college and university teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution and should be free from institutional censorship or discipline;

           Be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate of Old Dominion University opposes any administrative or legislative attempts to place restrictions on what ideas and theories can be taught in our classrooms or to restrict open debate and discussion on campus;

           Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate of Old Dominion University believes that Old Dominion University should remain an open marketplace of ideas where free expression is exercised and where diverse views are expressed and debate of those ideas is encouraged.

-Approved by the president
May 2008


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