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Faculty Performance Period

Unless otherwise noted on the contract, full-time and research faculty appointments are made for a period of one academic year. In the most common case, when faculty are appointed for the fall and spring semesters, they are expected to be on duty from the first faculty meeting of the academic year through spring commencement, except for holidays noted in the university academic calendar; this period is approximately nine months. In general, whatever their period of appointment, faculty are expected to be on duty during the entirety of the semesters or terms for which they are appointed, including opening faculty meetings, final examinations, and commencement ceremonies.

           However, full-time teaching and research faculty also may be appointed for "alternative" contractual periods that consist of two semesters or their equivalent. Rather than the traditional academic year consisting of the fall and spring semester, this alternative period may be comprised of only one of those semesters plus duties during summer sessions equivalent to a single semester. The following provisions apply in such cases:

  • No tenured or tenure-track full-time faculty member may be appointed to an alternative contractual period more than one year in every four without his/her consent. A minimum of six months advance notice shall be provided to a faculty member selected for an alternative contractual period. The date of the new alternative contract will be used to determine notification requirements.

  • Faculty appointed to an alternative contractual period will receive the same salary as they would have received had they been appointed to regular fall and spring semester sessions.

  • Faculty appointed to an alternative contractual period will be regarded as regular, full-time faculty for all personnel and fiscal purposes including accrued seniority, years served toward tenure, health coverage, retirement, and other fringe benefits.

  • Full-time faculty who have an alternative contract are eligible to work during an "off-term" time period and earn extra compensation as set forth in the Faculty Handbook section entitled "Extra Compensation in 'Off-Term' Sessions." For example, a faculty member who is appointed for the fall semester and the summer sessions will be eligible for employment (including research employment) during the spring semester, but the faculty member's salary rate neither may exceed the weekly equivalent (1/39th) of the normal academic year salary of the individual, nor may the total in the "off-term" exceed (13/39=1/3) of the normal academic year salary. The salaries of full-time faculty members during the "off-term" period are calculated according to a step-by-rank schedule available from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

-Approved by the Board of Visitors
June 18, 1998
Transitioned to University-Level Policy
December 10, 2021


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