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Guidelines for Noncredit Courses Simultaneously Offered as Credit

Old Dominion University offers noncredit courses in a variety of areas. These courses may be evaluated by an academic department to determine whether or not they might also be offered for academic credit. When the department has deemed that the noncredit course is equivalent to a designated credit experience (including appropriate contact hours as stipulated by the U.S. Department of Education and achievement of suitable learning outcomes), the academic department will submit the class to the Office of the Registrar for scheduling during established class dates and times (or seek approval from the Office of Academic Affairs if they will not be offered during established dates and times).

           In addition, the academic department must evaluate the faculty member’s credentials for courses scheduled for academic credit. If a noncredit course is offered for credit at the graduate level, the faculty member must be certified to teach at this level. Questions about such credentials may be directed to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.

           Faculty should include a statement in the syllabus for all classes offered as both noncredit and credit coursework. This statement informs students that the course is offered in both formats and enrollment cannot be changed after the drop deadline. Further, the syllabus should state that the noncredit course will not meet undergraduate or graduate degree requirements.

           Full-time faculty in academic departments may teach such noncredit-credit courses outside their contractual teach load, with approval by the department chair and the dean. The School of Continuing Education will pay faculty for noncredit-credit offerings; the academic department offering the course for credit will not submit a payroll form for this instruction.

           Documentation related to noncredit courses meeting credit course offerings, as well as faculty credentials, will be maintained by the department offering courses for credit.

-Approved by the President
December 11, 2017
Reviewed; No Changes Proposed April 20, 2022


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