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Review of Research Proposals

Statement: Principal investigators, department chairs and college deans are responsible for ensuring that proposals are complete when they arrive at the Research Foundation or Office of Research for signature. To be complete a proposal narrative and all required forms should be in final form and accompanied by a completed and signed Proposal Transmittal Form that contains:

  1. A named source and associated signature of approval for any proposed matching funds and/or cost-sharing;

  2. Any required signatures from the Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and/or Institutional Biosafety Committee as relevant based on the subject area and activities proposed;

  3. An abstract describing the project;

  4. Signatures of the appropriate chair(s) and dean(s) assuring the merit and quality of the proposal as well as assurance that the project can be carried out should an award be made;

  5. Explicit allocations of credit for portions of the project when multiple investigators are collaborating.

For electronic submission, the principal investigator will be expected to upload the proposal narrative and required forms and documents into electronic submission mechanism with the exception of the budget and/or other documents that are within the purview of the authorized institutional administrator/official or the Research Foundation staff. A completed proposal transmittal form is required for electronic submissions as well as those in hardcopy form. The Research Foundation is not authorized to submit proposals to the sponsor unless they are complete.

- Approved by the president
December 1, 1988
Revised July 17, 2006


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