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Faculty Research Time

Research, publication, and other scholarly activities are basic to the objectives and responsibilities of the university and its faculty. Recognizing this, the university is committed to the concept of research time for faculty to pursue individual intellectual inquiry, to publish, and to engage in creative activities designed to improve the educational experience of the students.

           The awarding of time for research is not a routine matter. It is based on an assessment of the benefit of significant intellectual activity to the university and the department and provides for regular and periodic review of accomplishments. Such time is available to tenured/tenure-earning and clinical faculty engaged in either graduate or undergraduate teaching.

  1. Purchased and contributed faculty time for funded research - Wherever possible, the cost of faculty time should be reimbursed to the university from grant or contract funds. When required, faculty time may be contributed, especially when the funded research has provision for financial support of graduate students or equipment. When such cost-sharing of faculty time is agreed to by the university, the contributed time will be planned in the schedule of the faculty member.

  2. Faculty time for unfunded research (departmental research) - External funding is not always available to support the research activities of the faculty. To encourage creative activities, particularly in certain disciplines, time for departmental research is provided by the academic budget of the university. This time is awarded on the basis of a well-developed activity that has the approval of the chair and dean. It is essential that such time be based on an activity that is both scholarly and of benefit to the university, the department, and the faculty member.

               It is essential to demonstrate, through regular and periodic evaluation of the benefits derived from departmental research, that these monies are being spent wisely. It is recognized that, while in certain departments the results of scholarly activities come to fruition only after a period of two or more years, more frequent evaluation of departmental research time is necessary. Publication in a scholarly journal is certainly clear evidence, although not the only evidence, that the research is producing desirable results. Research in teaching, service-learning, and curriculum development may be more difficult to evaluate, but it is essential that an assessment be made. In extraordinary cases, outside expert review may be solicited in order to evaluate research.

-Approved by the provost and vice
president for academic affairs
September 5, 2003
Revised July 15, 2022


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