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Transfer Out Form for F-1 & J-1 Students

If you plan to attend another U.S. institution for your academic program, use this form to notify VISA of your transfer. (NOTE: This form is not for students taking just one class at another school over the summer and who will be resuming classes at ODU in the fall.) After getting your form, our office will update your SEVIS record with the name of your new school and your requested date of release for your record. You may not have any registration holds for us to process your request.

TRANSFER TO ONE SCHOOL: SEVIS allows us to indicate only one transfer school, so you will need to decide on your preferred school if you have been accepted to many other institutions.

ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION: Please submit a copy of your admission letter from your new school. Most schools will also have a Transfer-In Form that VISA must complete. Be sure you have completed all of the portions required by you before you submit it to VISA.

TRANSFER RELEASE DATE: Your transfer will likely be at the end of the current semester, unless you can document your need for an earlier release date (e.g. a letter from the new school showing the new semester start date). Please note that your transfer school will not be able to issue you a new SEVIS Form I-20 until the transfer release date. If you decide to cancel your transfer, you must notify VISA before your transfer release date. Once that date has passed, ODU will no longer have access to your record.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Be sure you have taken care of everything before you leave. Although originally created for graduating students, this list will help you remember things you will need to do.

NEW SCHOOL'S TRANSFER-IN FORM: Your new school's transfer-in form will be scanned and e-mailed to the the school with a copy to your non-ODU e-mail address. Please note that processing takes up to five business days.

What is the reason for your transfer? (Check all that apply.)


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