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The Institute of Humanities BA/BS-MA in Humanities Linked program application and tracking form

Please note that you cannot save this form, so please make certain to upload all necessary materials at time of submission.

*Liberal Arts credits are from courses taken in Art, Art History, History, Music, Theatre, World Languages and Cultures, or from courses taken in any department that emphasized a humanist or cultural approach to course materials
Submit the below pieces of information.
1) A short statement of purpose explaining: A) Why you are interested in the Humanities MA, B) What types of research/projects you hope to focus on, and C) Why you feel you are prepared to start your graduate work now (instead of waiting until you complete your BA/BS)

2) A writing sample that best reflects your prose style and rhetorical abilities

3) In addition, students should procure two letters of recommendation in support of their application. At least one of the letters should be from a College professor who has taught the student. Letters should be emailed by their authors to humanities@odu.edu with the students name in the subject line
Once accepted, you will be able to take up to 12 graduate credit hours that might count toward your MA, six of which can also count toward your BA/BS as well.