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CBPA Change of Major/Minor Form

This is not part of the admissions into the College of Business and major declaration process. Rather, it is intended to ensure that students who have already been accepted into the College of Business have correct business major notations in Leoonline's "View General Student Information" under Student Records. Please allow for 3-5 weeks for this process to be completed.

(It can also be used for non-business majors who need to declare a College of Business and Public Administration minor.)

Business major declarations should be completed via the Application for CBPA Admissions: http://bpa.odu.edu/bpa/academics/BSBA_Application_for_Admission_Form.pdf. If there is any difficulty in submitting this form, it can be printed out and submitted hard copy to the CBPA Dean's Office in Constant 2004. Any questions you might have regarding this form can be sent to BSBAadmit@odu.edu.

Major Intended (All majors are BSBA programs except ECON, available as BA or BSBA)