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Policy On Accelerated Courses

This policy is based upon the following general principles:

  1. The University is committed to giving faculty the flexibility to deliver instruction in a variety of traditional and nontraditional formats.
    1. The University provides and supports the traditional semester credit courses of 15 weeks of instruction during the fall and spring semesters, eight weeks of instruction during the fall and spring, and courses of varying lengths during the summer sessions. Accelerated courses are defined as credit courses provided in a shorter time frame and must meet the following guidelines.

  2. Guidelines
    1. Accelerated courses should be clearly the academic equivalent of courses taken on the normal semester schedule.
      1. Traditional lecture courses require students to spend approximately two hours of preparation, research, or writing time outside of class for each one hour of class time.

      2. Laboratory courses usually require less out-of-class time, but the in-class time is greater, usually twice as many contact hours as would be expected in a lecture course.

    2. No more than one semester credit can be earned in a week or weekend of instruction if the entire work of the class is contained in that week or weekend.
      1. Under unusual circumstances, and only upon the approval of the Dean of the college, two hours of credit may be offered in a single week or weekend.

      2. The chair must provide the Dean with the proposed syllabus, a written evaluation of the proposed accelerated course comparison with the same or similar course that is conducted during the usual time-frame, and other evidence of its suitability for acceleration. Other evidence to be provided includes the following.
        1. The course is of a highly intensive nature and the students admitted to the course are carefully picked for ability to handle such an intensive program, or

        2. The course required graded work done prior to or subsequent to the week or weekend of classroom instruction so that the total amount of work required for the course is the clear equivalent of the same number of semester hours during a regular session.

    3. If any request is submitted for offering a course at a rate of more than two hours of credit per week or weekend of class sessions, prior approval of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is required. Such approval will only be given upon clear evidence that substantial work is required of the student outside of the week or weekend of classroom instruction and that the course is clearly equivalent to similar courses offered in the regular session.

    4. In cases of dispute, appeal may be made to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The decision of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is final.

- Approved by the Council of
Academic Deans and the vice
president for academic affairs
June 21, 1977
- Approved by the President
November 28, 2012
Revised July 15, 2022


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