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Tenure-Track Positions Funded by Research Centers

Base funding for research centers from the Commonwealth for tenure-track faculty positions presents an opportunity for the university to enhance both the research center and the departments and colleges in which these faculty are located. Clearly stated expectations of these faculty members, by both the research center and the department, are essential. To that end, there must be constant and clear communications between the director of the research center and the chair of the academic department. These two individuals must work collaboratively to optimize the arrangement and to make sure the faculty member in the position is treated fairly. Ideally, this communication should begin before the position is advertised.

           The following principles will guide these appointments.

  1. One or more tenure-track faculty positions may be funded in a given department by mutual agreement of the vice president for research and the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

  2. The salary and fringe benefits for the position will be funded by the research center.

  3. The faculty member will be a full member of their academic department subject to all departmental policies.

  4. The faculty member must have a research focus related to the research center's goals.

  5. The department chair and research center director will meet at least once a year to assign the faculty member's teaching, research, and service duties. Due diligence will be given to meeting the needs of both the department and research center.

  6. The research center director will submit to the chair an annual report of the faculty member's activities in advance of the annual evaluation. After receiving the research director's annual evaluation of the faculty member, the university policies and procedures on reappointment, promotion and tenure will be in effect and followed as outlined in the Teaching and Research Faculty Handbook.

  7. If the department chair and director do not agree on performance of the faculty member, the dean, vice president for research and provost and vice president for academic affairs will determine how to resolve the situation in consultation with all involved.

-Approved by the Board of Visitors
December 7, 2007
Transitioned to University-Level Policy
December 10, 2021


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