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Table of Contents

Resolution Concerning Employment
Recruitment and Selection Process for Instructional and Administrative Faculty
Instructional/Research Faculty and Administrative/ Professional Faculty Recruitment Funding Policy
Criminal Background Checks
Dual Career Resource for Those Hiring Full-Time Faculty
Academic and Professional Preparation Requirements for Faculty
Initial Appointment of Teaching and Research Faculty
Faculty Remote Work Policy and Procedures
Joint Appointments
Non-Instructional Part-Time Faculty Employment Policy
Reappointment/Annual Review or Nonreappointment of Faculty
Academic Rank and Criteria for Ranks
Policy on Conversion of a Non-Tenure Eligible Position to a Tenure-Eligible Position
Policy on Conversion from Lecturer Ranks to a Non-Tenure Eligible Clinical Track Position
Tenure-Track Positions Funded by Research Centers
Eminent Scholars
University Professors
University Distinguished Teachers
Guidelines for Named Chairs
Guidelines for Named Professorships
Emeritus/Emerita Appointments
Administrators Returning to Faculty Positions
Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion of Librarians
Promotion in Rank
Policy and Procedures on Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
Evaluation of Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and Master Lecturers and Promotion of Lecturers and Senior Lecturers
Policy and Procedures on Post-Tenure Review
Post-Tenure Review Grievance Timeline
University Policy on the Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness
Evaluation of Scholarly Activity and Research
Evaluation of Service
Faculty Salary Increments
Appointment and Evaluation of Academic Deans
Policy for Department Chair Evaluation
Declaration of a State of Bona Fide Financial Exigency or Severe Financial Difficulty
Dismissal of Faculty from Employment Due to Financial Exigency or Discontinuance of a Program of Study or a Department of Instruction
Fitness for Duty
Faculty Sanctions
Faculty Grievance Policy
Faculty Grievance Committee and Hearing Panels: Composition and Procedures
Voluntary Phased Separation Program for Tenured Faculty
Separation Process for Faculty and Staff
Academic Freedom
Faculty Code of Conduct
Professional Ethics
Freedom of Expression
Resolution Supporting Intellectual Diversity
Faculty Performance Period
Faculty Teaching Load
Temporary Change in Duties for Full-Time Teaching Faculty Who Expect a New Family Member through Birth or Adoption
Policy for the Support of Program Development and Growth in an Online Delivery Format
Class Audit (Non-Formal) by Faculty, Spouses, and Retired Faculty
Class Attendance by Guests
Full-Time Faculty Member as a Degree Candidate
Faculty Class Attendance
Final Examinations
Faculty Office Hours
Course Syllabi
Class Rosters
Grade Submissions
Grade Appeals: Policy and Procedures
Student Complaint Procedure
Academic Functions
Outside Employment
Extra Compensation
Faculty Incentive Options Policy
Policy for Conflicts of Interests Arising from an Employee's or Family Member's Financial Interests, Employment at, or Representation of Old Dominion University
University Telephone System Usage
Allowance for Usage of Personal Mobile Devices and Wireless Service for University Business
Faculty Credentialing Records Policy
Policy on Title IX and Sexual Misconduct
Discrimination Policy
Disruptive Behavior Policy for Faculty and Faculty Administrators
Communications With The Board of Visitors
The University's Name and Identification
Authority to Act on Behalf of the University
University Spokesperson and Media Liaison
Development Policy
Development Policy
Gift Management
Acceptance of Gifts-in-Kind to the University
Establishment and Operation of Annual and Endowed Scholarships, Fellowships, and Prizes
Advisory Councils
Institutional and Individual Memberships in Professional Organizations, Civic Organizations, and Social Clubs
ODU Faculty Receiving Nationally Competitive Fellowships
Faculty Exchange Between Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University
Department Chairs
Graduate Program Director
Certification of Faculty for Graduate Instruction
Chief Departmental Advisor – Undergraduate Education
Undergraduate Program Director

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