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Final Examinations

The university firmly believes that a comprehensive evaluation of a student's achievement in a course is a vital part of the educational process. Final examinations for campus-based and higher education center courses, if given, are to be given at the time provided on the Registrar's Office website at www.odu.edu/registrar. Upon request of the instructor, exceptions to this regulation may be made only by the dean. Final examinations are normally scheduled in the classroom where the course has met throughout the semester.

           In the event that a final examination is changed to other than that of the scheduled time, provisions will be made by the instructor for any student who cannot comply with the schedule change.

           Any student who has three examinations scheduled in one calendar day and is unable to resolve the problem informally with the instructor or instructors may petition the dean for relief.

           All examinations are to be retained for one year by the faculty members. Students have the privilege of requesting conferences with the instructors in regard to their final grades.

           All distance learning final exams shall be available for students to complete in a minimum 24-hour window as defined by the professor, including one business day, during the final examination period as defined for that course. Students may secure proctoring at a distance learning location or higher education center, at a distance learning partner site testing center, or with a third party proctor. Students who do not secure proctoring with an ODU staff member must have all proctors approved in advance by the Office of Distance Learning at 1-800-968-2638. For more information about proctoring and distance learning examinations, visit http://dl.odu.edu/how-it-works/exams-proctors.

- Approved by the provost and vice president for academic affairs
September 5, 2003
Revised May 5, 2005
Revised July 14, 2006
Revised and approved by the president
May 2, 2016

Reaffirmed January 15, 2021


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