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ODU Faculty Receiving Nationally Competitive Fellowships

It is the policy of the university to encourage and support faculty who apply for and receive nationally competitive fellowships that provide a significant portion of their salary (e.g. Fulbright, NEH, NEW, German Marshall, etc.) The goal of this policy is for faculty members to remain on contract, receiving their current salary and full benefits. The assumption on which the policy is based is the reality that, while providing outstanding recognition for ODU faculty, these fellowships pay less than the average faculty member's current salary.

The following are the procedures and terms for full-time faculty members receiving such fellowships:

  1. If a faculty member is applying for a fellowship, he/she must consult the chair and dean to allow them to plan for future semesters and to be assured that the fellowship being sought meets the criteria of this policy (e.g., nationally competitive). In addition, there may be a limit to the number of fellowships supported over a period of time for one person. When the university's share of the faculty member's salary exceeds 50%, full benefits will be paid. If the university's share is less than 50%, the specifics will be dealt with on an individual basis at the point of application.

  2. If the granting agency will pay the award directly to the university, then the faculty member remains on his/her current salary and the department/college will use the award as purchase release time to support the department and college in which the faculty member resides.

  3. If the granting agency (e.g., Fulbright) will only pay the faculty member directly, then the university will top off the award so that the faculty member maintains his/her current salary. This will be based on the stipend amount only.

  4. Fellowship money provided for maintenance and travel expenses is to be excluded from these calculations.

  5. These policies do not apply to faculty receiving fellowships for the summer only, as faculty are not on contract to the university.

  6. Faculty members must return for one year of full-time university service following the period of the fellowship. Therefore, those on terminal contracts are not eligible.

- Approved by the president
June 6, 2002


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