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Outside Employment

Statement: This policy recognizes the necessity of providing some opportunities for approved outside employment by full-time faculty but also recognizes the need for the University to be sure that faculty are devoting their full attention and energy to supporting the instructional, research, and service programs of the University. The intention of this policy is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between a faculty member's outside employment activities and the job for which he or she is being employed at the University.

  1. Deans and department chairs should review their areas to assure that no situations exist where faculty are doing work that would interfere with completion of their University duties. The same level of attention should be devoted to assuring that there is no misuse of University equipment, supplies, or facilities by faculty.

  2. Guidelines
    1. Work supported by grants and contracts awarded to the University does not constitute outside activity.

    2. The outside employment should not exceed 20 percent of the faculty member's time per week.

    3. A faculty member who engages in outside employment will not use the name of the University in such a manner as to suggest institutional endorsement.

    4. The department chair and dean shall review each outside activity. Requests that clearly interfere with the faculty member's ability to fulfill his/her responsibilities to the University will not be approved. If a request is denied the faculty member should receive a written explanation of the basis for the denial. If the chair or dean does not approve a particular activity, the faculty member may appeal to the provost and vice president for academic affairs. In the instances where University services, supplies, or equipment are to be used, the faculty member must notify the chair of what facilities are to be used and why they are needed.

    5. No faculty member may engage in part-time or full-time teaching for another institution during the semesters he or she is employed by the University without prior approval of the provost and vice president for academic affairs. Any faculty member who accepts a full-time position elsewhere without prior approval will be considered to have resigned his or her position with the University.

    6. If University space, services, supplies, or equipment are to be used to perform the outside activity for compensation, and where the work is in the interest of the University, permission must be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs and arrangements made for payment of a reasonable fee for such use. University nonfaculty personnel will not be used to support outside employment activities by the faculty.

    7. Each college's annual report will include a summary of the college faculty's outside employment activities

- Approved by the Board of Visitors
April 22, 1971; Revised September 26, 1972; Revised September 14, 1984; Revised April 26, 2013 (eff. 6/1/13)
Transitioned to University-Level Policy
December 10, 2021


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